Working with animals has always been a passion of mine having grown up around animals and riding horses from a young age. 

My interest in physiotherapy was sparked when my gorgeous PRE gelding began to suffer from various issues requiring expert help and a period of rehabilitation. This drove me to seek experience in with a qualified therapist before applying to the Veterinary Physiotherapy degree at Harper Adams University.

Horses are my true passion and I have ridden since the age of 7 in multiple disciplines often ending up with the trickier 'project' horses! In 2018 I worked for Alex Hua Tian for 1 year, travelling with him to major international competitions to look after his event horses. This gave me a valuable insight into the competitive equine industry at a national and international level. 

I have a particular love for Iberian breeds and ex-racehorses with a future dream of owning one of each!

On the canine side, having worked with Nikki Engelbach and Katie O'Brien of Bach Canine Rehab during my university placement year, I gained a huge amount of invaluable experience for which I will be forever grateful. I am interested in all areas of canine physiotherapy from agility and performance to post-operative rehab.

Jazz Benton BSc(hons) mNAVP 

Duque spanish walk.jpg
Jazz and Janine Pendlebury-Lee's PRE stallion Duque SF.
Jazz and her naughty Burmese cat Billy.
Jazz and PRE Stallion Tado from Pen-Llyn Lusitano stud.