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equine physiotherapy

Before treatment, permission is sought from the registered vet for the animal in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons (1966) act. Jazz will contact the vet for you once provided with details

Equine physiotherapy consists of taking a full history, static and dynamic assessment, treatment and a tailored rehabilitation program.

Jazz will observe your horse in a trot up and on the lunge/ridden if applicable. Please note any horse which presents with a new lameness during this will be referred back to the vet.


Treatment consists of a combination of manual techniques and class 3B laser therapy if indicated. Jazz strongly believes that lasting results are seen when exercises are undertaken between treatments. Jazz will tailor a bespoke groundwork programme for your horse and equip you with the tools needed to help your horse.

physiotherapy for horses

Does my horse need physiotherapy?

Poor behaviour in horses is often labelled as naughtiness while there are often underlying issues causing this. Commonly, a horse will misbehave if they are unable to understand what you are asking them, they are physically unable to do what you are asking or they are experiencing pain and discomfort. MVP aims to deal with this pain and discomfort helping you and your horse reach your goals.

Some common problems and conditions which will benefit from physiotherapy include:
  • Girthiness Cold-backed

  • Cold-backed

  • Worse on one rein

  • Wrong canter lead

  • Lack of bend

  • Problems with contact

  • Head tilting

  • Kissing spines

  • Osteoarthritis

  • SI issues

  • Tendon/Ligament injury

  • Neurological conditions such as wobblers or stringhalt.

physiotheraphy services

Groundwork sessions

MVP offers groundwork lessons which can be incorporated into treatment or booked separately. These involve a combination of pole work, straightness training and remedial exercise. Call to discuss further.

equine groundwork sessions

If you think MVP can help with your animal please call 07535 962866 to discuss further. 

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